Thursday, 31 October 2013

trEATs is here!

It's finally here! My new book 'trEATs: Delicious food gifts to make at home' was released today and I'm very excited to start seeing it in shops. There are lots of gift-friendly recipes like salted caramel sauce and white chocolate dipped pistachio and apricot cookies and really beautiful photography from the very clever Danielle Wood. I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks over the next few weeks. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Salon du Chocolat

Last night me and fellow chocolate fan Jess went along to the opening night of Salon du Chocolat at Olympia. Salon du Chocolat is an established chocolate show from France to Tokyo but this weekend is the first time that it's come to London. 

There was plenty of spectacle with a 'chocolate fashion show' (totally bonkers!) and one brave lady having a bath in hot chocolate. 

Although the show is famous for it's  fashion show we were mostly looking forward to the tasting opportunities. First up was a tart and sweet passion fruit caramel from Rococo which was a firm favourite. We stopped ourselves from having a nibble of a handsome white chocolate stag from The Highland Chocolatier and had a nice chat with Mighty Fine about their giant graffiti chocolate bar designed to show off their limited edition art bars. We also loved the Turkish delight style rose and cinnamon hot chocolate from Jaz and Juls.

As well as chocolate there was lots of caramel to try and even the odd stack of nougat. Lots of companies had incorporated rose and caramel flavours into their products and on the aesthetic side of things chocolate printing and old school packaging were popular.

The show isn't massive this year so it didn't take long to wander round and sample a few things. I think the main draw will be the chocolate demos that are happening over the weekend from people like Paul A YoungAndrew Gravett from Valrhona and Like a Strawberry Milk.

Salon du Chocolat is open from 18th-20th October and you can buy tickets here.

A model shows off the English Rose chocolate dress
The hot chocolate bath!
Choccy stag
Hot chocolate from Jaz and Juls
Art bars from Mighty Fine
...and the giant chocolate grafitti version
Amazing caramel
Printed chocolate
Old school packaging
Rusty chocolate scissors

Friday, 18 October 2013

Eight layer chocolate wedding cake with blueberries

Photo: Anna Clarke Photography
This is one of my tallest wedding cakes yet - an eight layer rich chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream and chocolate ganache topped with fresh blueberries. The cake flags are made from a vintage style map to tie in with the rest of the wedding decor. There is some hidden structure inside to keep those layers in order too. See the rest of Anna and James's pretty travel themed wedding here.   

Photo: Anna Clarke Photography


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