Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cake & Bake Show 2013: Highlights

In good company on the bill with GBBO stars Edd Kimber and James Morton
This weekend saw the second annual London Cake & Bake show and I was back to demo cake pops in one of the classroom sessions. This time, to promote my new book, trEATs! It was great to meet up with some fellow bakers and I also got to have a look around the show and see some other demos and stalls. Here are some of my highlights.

Talking candy melts and cake pops in the classroom
My favourite thing about the show is getting to see established chefs and bakers in action. Richard Bertinet kept the audience entertained with his apple peeling skills and showed us how to make a classic French apple tart. The off cuts were made into an impressive but economical strawberry croustillant (a new one for me - it's a bit like a mille feuille). Also at Richard's demo were half of this year's Great British Bake Off stars - I couldn't resist getting a photo with them (kindly taken by Richard)!
Andrew Webb and Richard Bertinet
Posing with some of this year's GBBO stars - they were lovely!
GBBO winners John Whaite & Edd Kimber
I also caught a bit of Edd Kimber and John Whaite's cookie bake off at the competition stage. We heard about what's keeping them busy and life on the Great British Bake Off - it sounds tough! 

The other great thing about the Cake & Bake show is getting to see some of the new trends in baking coming through. It was good to see more market stalls this year too. Some of the highlights for me were the colourful display from the Meringue Girls, my local favourites Outsider Tart with their over the top brownies, crystallised flowers from Eat My Flowers and Meadowsweet, creative biscuits from Cinnamon Tree Bakery, beautiful painted macarons from Nevie Pie Cakes, classic (and vegan) cupcakes from one of the original London cupcakers, Ms Cupcake and crazy colourful biscuits from Bee's Bakery.

Meringue Girls
Outsider Tart Billionaire Bars
Meadowsweet edible flowers
Eat My Flowers
Crystallised roses from Eat My Flowers
Cinnamon Tree Bakery embossed biscuits
Painted macarons by Nevie Pie Cakes
English Rose cupcakes from Ms Cupcake
Colourful biscuits from Bee's Bakery


Unknown said...

It was a great show this year, wasn't it!? Those lovely bake-off people... Kimberley to win!
A x

Unknown said...

BTW Congrats on the new book! x

April said...

Thanks Annie! x


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