Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day: J'adore Paris

In the cold courtyard of the Louve
Happy Valentine's Day! As today is the day of love, it's reminded me to write about my day trip to the city of love (love of the patisserie kind in particular for me) with a couple of my best mates last month. It's also inspired me to share a couple of other French inspired posts - coming up tout de suite (well, later this week at least!).

With delicious food and pretty sights high on the agenda we set off on the Eurostar from St Pancras in time for a warming Moroccan lunch at Le 404. I had a chicken and pear tagine and we saved room for our afternoon patisserie fix by opting for a light dessert - baklava and a milk pastilla (like a crispy and sweet pancake). 

Next stop was G. Detou to stock up on flavoured essences for cakes and buttercreams  like violet, jasmine and caramel plus a big jar of vanilla pods and some yummy caramel sweets. Read more about G. Detou over at David Lebovitz's blog. We also popped in to Mora to look at the amazing array of cookie cutters and chocolate moulds that they stock (I managed to restrain myself to a buttercream scraper and a mini ice cream scoop for cupcake batter portioning). 

We walked through the Louve's beautiful courtyard, clocked the Eiffel Tower and crossed the river to the St Germain area in search of afternoon refreshment. There were so many pastry shops to chose from but as we were only in Paris for the afternoon we headed straight for Pierre Herme to buy pretty macarons like milk chocolate (with gold lustre dust), rose and lychee and salted caramel by the gram. Our final stop was tea room L'Heure Gourmande for cherry pie and cheese cake (and hot chocolate that was more like v thick cocoa and needed lots of sugar!).

The afternoon went so quickly that there was no time for cheese shopping and cocktails before we had to re-board the Eurostar back to London - definitely on the list for next time.

Macs by the master Pierre H

Cherry pie at L'Heure Gourmande
Flavours galore at G. Detou


Milli said...

Isn't G Detou just THE most fabulous shop in the world?!

Milli said...

Isn't G Detou just THE most fabulous shop in the world?!


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