Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cake Pop Tips: Rollin' & Chillin'

Here's the next edition of this week's cake pop tips from Top of the Cake Pops - rollin' and chillin' to make your cake balls (naked cake pops that are ready for sticks and dipping). Once you have your cake and frosting you're ready to start...


480 g (1 lb) cake, cooled
120 g (4 oz) frosting

TIP: Make your cake and frosting the day before to ensure that your cake is cooled and to break up the tasks


1. Break up the cake into fine crumbs by hand or in a food processor (much easier).
2. Mix in the frosting until well combined to create a dough. Depending on your cake you may need to add a little bit more frosting to get the mixture to combine well. You can also do this bit in your food processor if you have one.
3. Roll the dough into 20 balls, approximately 30 g (1 oz) each in weight. Place them on a
baking sheet and cover with foil or clingfilm (plastic wrap) before refrigerating for about
2 hours. These basic cake balls are now ready to be dipped as they are, or transformed
into pop stars.

TIP: Make sure that your cake balls are chilled enough that they don't fall off of their sticks but not too chilled and hard as they'll crack the coating as they come to room temperature. This will take a bit of practice as you get used to the temperature of your fridge.

Don't forgot to look out for the eBook version of Top of the Cake Pops which will be available at a special promo price later this week.

Tomorrow we'll be melting & dipping...

Thanks to Hardie Grant for letting me share the pics and text from the book.

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