Friday, 13 January 2012

Cake Pop Tips: Painting Pops

The final tip for Friday - how to paint your pops. I hope you've enjoyed this week's series of tips. Don't forget that you can pick up the eBook version of Top of the Cake Pops which will be available at a special promo price later this week.

You need:
Powdered food colouring (also called blossom tint or lustre dust)
Rejuvenator spirit
Fine paint brush
Palate (or something to mix your paint in)
Dipped cake pops (that have dried)

How to:
Mix a small amount of the blossom tint with a few drops of rejuvenator spirit and, with a fine brush, paint on your features. The edible paint will dry in just a couple of minutes.

Thanks to Hardie Grant for letting me share the pics and text from the book. 

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Hi! I love your pops and their amazing detail. I was wondering, what brand/model paint brush are you using? I cant seem to find one that fine at my local craft store. Maybe I need to check the art aisles rather than the baking/candy making aisle.


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