Saturday, 1 October 2011

Top of the Cake Pops makes its Debut!

It's here! Top of the Cake Pops is published today - I can't wait to see it in shops everywhere. It's been an amazing experience putting it together not to mention hilarious fun making accessories and chosing outfits (and even tattoos) for the likes of Lady Goo Goo and Amy Limehouse. Hope you love it as much as I do. More photos here.

Ps. The awesome photos are by Lucy Ridgard for Hardie Grant, amazing design from Joanna Byrne and creative genius from commisioning editor Kate Pollard.


J said...

Amazing! I want it just for the pictures. Someone else can make the cakes for me. Jx

Helena said...

Hurrah for April and the funnest book ever!

April said...

Thanks J! Yes, I love the way the pics came out.

Thanks Helena - glad you like it


beyond the peel said...

It sounds amazing. I love the taste of honey in cakes. It's not done often enough!


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