Monday, 27 June 2011

Ladybird Chocolate Fridge Cake with Hundreds and Thousands

Ever since the Royal Wedding I've been meaning to make this - one of my early baking memories (or non-baking really as this is one for the fridge rather than the oven) - chocolate fridge cake with hundreds and thousands. I'm pretty sure this is from the Ladybird Book 'Cooking with Mother' alongside hilarious 80s party staples like cheese and pinapple hedgehogs. These are amazing with a cup of tea and have the added bonus of getting to bash up biscuits with a rolling pin - brilliant.

8oz digestive biscuits
2tbsp golden syrup
1/2oz cocoa powder
3oz butter
7oz dark chocolate
hundreds and thousands to decorate
8 inch square baking pan

1. Break up the biscuits into crumbs with a few big pieces left by bashing them up with a rolling pin in a plastic bag
2. Melt the golden syrup, cocoa powder and butter in a large pan and mix well
3. Add the biscuit crumbs and mix well
4. Press the mixture into the baking pan (a potato masher is a good tool for doing this) and chill in the fridge for 30mins
5. Once chilled, melt the chocolate, spread over the top with a spatula and by tipping the pan and sprinkle over your hundreds and thousands. 
6. Chill for another 2hrs and cut into squares

Friday, 17 June 2011

Rosey Posey Pops

Rose cake pops inspired by the beautiful muted colours of the bouquets at The Real Flower Company. I'd love to make some all in white and cream for a wedding, in shades to match real flowers displayed alongside them or mixed in with these leaf pops.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rachel's Baby Shower & Rainbow Layer Cake

A rainbow layer cake with lemon swiss meringue buttercream to wish my friend Rachel of I Love My Postcode good luck as she moves into motherhood! I love this cake (adapted from the Whisk Kid blog recipe). It tastes as delicious as it looks too.

We served the cake alongside scones with clotted cream and double chocolate brownies (a version of this one made with extra chocolate chunks). Rachel's mum brought lots of baby photos which we pegged up with bright strips of ribbon and card. The paper pom pom is a gorgeous DIY project from Once Wed.

Good luck Rach!

P Pops

More monocrome pops! These ones were a special commision for the Peridot Dance Group.

Pretty in Pink

Pink and sparkly mini vanilla cupcakes for a hen do at the always pretty Betty Blythe.

Moustache Pops

Following the trend for all things moustache I was asked to make lots of these beauties for a vintage fancy dress party. Love these ones too!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Leafy Forest Cake Pops

Cute leafy cake pops for a forest birthday picnic. These ones are coconut with cream cheese frosting dipped in pale green candy.


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