Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Helly & Alice's Colourful Wedding Cupcakes

I created this set of mini cupcakes for a Richmond wedding this weekend. Helly & Alice wanted their cakes to be cute and colourful so we picked a palate of teal, cornflower blue, vintage and hot pink to complement the vintage crockery they used on the day. 

The heart cupcakes were vanilla with a strawberry jam centre and vanilla buttercream, the 'H' and 'A' cakes were lemon and the cream rose swirls were vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Congratulations H&A!



Michelle @ RoastedMontreal.com said...

These are stunning! Congrats!

April Carter said...

Thanks Michelle - I was really pleased with how they turned out!

Nessie @ bakingequalslove said...

Adorable!! Almost too cute to eat! Love the teal and cornflower colour scheme - so whimsical and pretty. Oh you are clever :)

Yoanna said...



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