Saturday, 23 April 2011

Cupcake Collection

I've been asked to make cupcakes quite a lot recently so I thought I'd get together the official Rhubarb & Rose Cupcake Collection and show off my favourite flavours in all their ice cream coloured glory. Here we have rose (above - vanilla sponge with rose buttercream), strawberry (vanilla sponge with a strawberry jam centre and strawberry jam buttercream), chocolate, red velvet, lemon and vanilla. These cupcakes are mini size but I also make regular size ones as well as 8" and 10" layer cakes. They can be made in any colour and adorned with roses, butterflies, leaves, letters, numbers, sprinkles, glitter or whatever you fancy.



Michelle @ said...

These are beautiful! Your piping is amazing!!

The Sugar Chandelier said...

they look great! I bet they taste even better then they look ^^

April Carter said...

Thanks Michelle!
Thanks TSC!


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