Monday, 21 March 2011

A Very Hungry Caterpillar

I loved making this cute take on the Very Hungry Caterpillar book last week for Anoushka of Spitting Yarn to celebrate her little boy's 2nd birthday. I got the idea from Lyndsay Sung's awesome Coco Cupcake blog and added coordinating fruit cake pops inspired by all of the fruit that the caterpillar chomps his way through in the book.

Hopefully none of Spike's birthday party guests were very hungry after eating this lot. Happy birthday Spike!



Unknown said...

He looks absolutely fantastic! In the early days of my blog I made one for someone but it was before I discovered gel food colouring or how to pipe properly so I'm bit embarrassed looking at it now!!

April Carter said...

Thanks Sarah - I just found yours - he's cute! Satisfying to look back over posts and realised you've improved though isn't it? And tempting to remove some not so good pics (on mine) too but feels like it's best to keep it real and not edit in the world of blogging!

Chloe said...

Hes so cute. Looks excatly like the book! If I ever have kids, they are getting one of these cakes! I also love how easy the cupcakes make dividing the cake evenly between children.

Michelle @ said...

Wow - looks great! How did you get the icing to look like that? It looks amazing! (I mean the piping - not the colour!)

PL said...

Wow...beautiful!! blog.
Your cake pops are amazing...I will add this site to my favourites!

Your blog title caught my attention, as I have a website devoted to

If you do like baking or cooking with rhubarb feel free to use my recipes...just link back to my site!

Greetings from Canada!
Lois from

April Carter said...

Chloe - thanks!

Michelle - thank you! I used a Wilton 1m star tip for the butter icing and kept it nice and chilled to get the piping neat

PL - thanks! I certainly do love cooking with Rhubarb and will be sure to check out your site!


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