Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Wedding: DIY Thank You Cards

This week we're finally getting round to writing our wedding thank you cards. I can't believe it's taken us 3 months! After getting the photos back from our photographer we picked out one of our favorites and ordered matt finish postcards from Vistaprint. I love getting postcards - these are fun and not too formal plus you save on envelopes too!
For the backs I photographed the back of a blank old fashioned style postcard (this one is from the Penguin box of 100 that we used at the wedding instead of a guest book).
And I absolutely love these classic album cover stamps from Royal Mail. I went for the New Order, Power, Corruption and Lies design. I'm all for attention to detail and these stamps finish off our postcards beautifully and don't cost any extra than normal stamps.


Michelle @ RoastedMontreal.com said...

I love this idea! So doing this for my thank you cards!!

WeddingPhotoThankYouCards said...
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things we make said...

These are featured on http://www.thingsyoumake.co.uk/ Just love them!


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