Friday, 5 November 2010

Cupcake Camp London

Cupcake Camp London was loads of fun last weekend. Lots of cupcakes (of course!), bands, celebrity judges and lots of cash raised for the North London Hospice. It was so hard to choose what to bake (and even harder to transport them all there on the bus!) but here's what I went for...
From the top:
Labels made from my favourite typewriter font rubber stamp set.
Rhubarb & Rose cupcakes (had be done!). These were the most popular of my flavours and you can get the recipe here.
Red Velvet Heart flavour (recipe here).
Spooky Ginger Fudge.
The 'Violet Beauregarde' - a Violet and Blueberry flavour cupcake which I entered for the unique ingredient competition category. 

See the website for lots more pictures and the competition winners.


Claire said...

Did you bur or make the stamps? I want some, they're lovely!

April Carter said...

Hi Claire, thanks!

I got them from eBay:

I absolutely love them too - they're great for making gift tags.

April x


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