Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pumpkin Pops

These guys will be accompanying me to a Halloween party at the weekend to keep the Shepherds Bush ghouls and ghosts at bay – my first attempt at pops from the great new Bakerella book. This is one of the easier projects. Can’t wait to try the mini popcorn boxes and skulls next!

These pops are made in the usual way (tutorial here) with orange candy melt coating, tictacs for the stalks and black icing from a ready made icing tube for the (slightly wonky) features. Bakerella recommends using an edible ink pen but the one I bought doesn’t seem to like drawing on the candy coating so I’m on the look out for one that works.

More macabre creations to come!


Delicious Confections said...

Cute! I too, tried to make some Halloween Pops this weekend! I had trouble with my edible marker as well. I read a comment that Bakerella posted and she said she uses Americolor Brand Writers. I'm not sure if it works on candy melts, because I used those too for my pops!

April Carter said...

Brilliant, thanks, I need to get hold of some of those! said...

I love your pops and posted them on my Blog. I hope you like it!
Best, Jessica


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