Sunday, 12 September 2010

DIY Floral Bunting

I wanted lots of floral bunting for our wedding so the most cost effective way was to make it. This is a straight forward sewing project (although time consuming for the 110m I made!). The nice thing about it is that you can work on it bit by bit until you have enough. You can also get people to help (my Mum made lots of mine!).

I wanted double sided bunting but you can save time and fabric by doing a one sided version cut with pinking shears to stop the edges from fraying.

You need...

  • A few different fabrics
  • Some card to make your triangle template
  • Scissors
  • A pen
  • A ruler
  • Bias binding
  • Some Pins
  • A sewing machine (mine is one of those mini John Lewis ones)

1. Chose your fabric.
I love the shops on Goldhawk Rd, W12 for good value, John Lewis if I'm feeling flush.

2. Make up your template.
You can use any size you like but I went for 19cm for the top and 26cm for the sides (this makes the finished triangles 15cm x 20cm once they're sewn).

3. Cut out your triangles

4. Pin two triangles front side to front side

5. Sew down the sides (no need to sew along the top)

6. Fold the bias binding in half and start sewing to create your end tabs (I allowed 30cm for mine)

7. Turn your triangles inside out and sandwich them between the bias binding leaving a 15cm gap between each one.  For a 5m length you'll need about 17 triangles.

8. That's it, happy sewing!


Hermione said...

Love the bunting - I am toying with the idea of making some for our wedding, or whether buying it from ebay would be cheaper. How much (roughly) did it cost you to by all the materials necessary? I already have the John Lewis sewing kit and don't mind putting in the man-hours to get it done.

April Carter said...

Hi Hermione, the most expensive bit for mine was the material as I bought a bit from Cath Kidson and some from Laura Ashley. I think it cost me around £150 in total. I definitely recommend checking out some local fabric shops - A1 Fabrics on Goldhawk Rd has some nice prints for £2-4 per metre and I managed to get a big pair of curtains with a great pattern at a car boot sale for £2. Another good tip is to mix cheaper plain fabrics with more expensive patterned ones. Hope that helps!

ohjustamo said...

Thanks for sharing this super tutorial! I am planning to make bunting for my wedding. I bought some 'test' material and now I just need to get started. I'll definitely be checking out your blog for more great ideas :)

things we make said...

We just featured this too! Love the things{you}make. If you make anything else please do submit it.

Unknown said...

I just made 42 yards of bunting for my wedding. I used scrapbook paper for the triangles though, and I could make three from one foot by foot page. I bought the paper half off, but it cost me about $40. I made my own bias tape, but didn't cut my fabric on the bias which saved some time and measuring. I used 2 yards of fabric which cost $6. My sewing machine sewed through the paper and bias tape beautifully. If you want to save time, I highly recommend using a rotary cutter for the project, and you can buy a bias tape maker for about$3. It's completely worth getting even if you use it once.


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